Our Mission

The Alario Group is a full-service advertising agency catering to the Hispanic market. It offers creative, production, and consulting services, including research and cultural adaptations, as well as media planning and buying. Alario Group was created in 2002 and has become one of the leading agencies of its kind in the country.

Founded in 2002 by Ruben Figueres, Shane McCarthy and Andrew Wright, Alario Group was originally conceived as a media planning and buying firm for companies intent on penetrating the Hispanic market. Alario had one strong advantage: the partners had worked for multinational advertising agencies, for the marketing departments of national companies, for direct local clients, and most importantly in media sales. This combined experience created an efficient and highly effective team for media planning and buying.

However, early on, the agency faced its first challenge. In advertising, media services have traditionally been looked down upon and considered subordinate to creative. That began to change as both large agencies and their clients became aware of the importance of media planning and buying. The Hispanic market, however, took longer to assimilate industry changes, particularly at the local level. Alario found that prospective clients did not fully appreciate the value of media services regardless of real financial savings. And so, Alario began offering creative services. The agency then launched its own production department and, with the addition of a graphic design unit, Alario became a full-service agency.

With the development of a new revenue model, Alario experienced triple-digit growth while tapping into a variety of industries including financial, legal, and medical. In fact in the late 2000s, Alario was recognized more as a medical agency than a Hispanic one. With the first Rahm Emanuel mayoral campaign, political advertising was added to the industries served by Alario Group.

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Alario Group has assembled a diverse and talented team whose multifaceted approach that is unique to the marketplace. What’s more, Alario’s creativity, passion, and energy are unrivaled.


We put first class advertising within reach. Ask us how our unique approach to packaging services can serve your needs.

Word of Mouth

When an ad agency is capable of increasing a client’s business by 50% while reducing their advertising expenses by 30%, word spreads quickly.