About Us

The Alario Group was founded in 2002 by Ruben Figueres, Shane McCarthy and Andrew Wright. Initially it was conceived as a media planning and buying service for companies that wanted to penetrate the Hispanic market. As a media service Alario had one strong advantage; their partners had worked for multinational advertising agencies, for the marketing departments of national companies, for direct local clients, and most importantly as sales people in the media. This combination created an efficient team for media planning and buying.
The agency began to face its first challenges. Traditionally in advertising media services have been looked down upon and considered subordinate to creative. However, that began to change as both large agencies and clients became aware of the importance of media. The Hispanic market, however, took longer to assimilate to the industry changes, particularly at the local level.
Alario found that prospective clients did not appreciate the value of media services, irregardless of any real financial savings. At that point Alario began offering creative services, mainly by utilizing contract laborers, but continued to focus on media.
In 2004 Alario launched its own production department and quickly surpassed the quality of the independent contractors. Clients were receptive to the numerous services offered and Alario’s focus soon expanded to include media, graphic design and video production.
In 2006 the high profitability of design and production contributed significantly to overall revenues. In fact, net revenues from design and production surpassed those from media services. Many other factors came together in 2006 which contributed to Alario Group’s modified internal structure. Alario developed new concepts and a new revenue model which has led to exponential growth. While significant growth rates of 10-20% were laudable in the first 4 years, they have been dwarfed by current triple digit growth Alario is experiencing compared to last fiscal year. Up to 2007 the a large percentage of Alario’s revenue came from the Mortgage Industry. With the collapse of the financial system, they needed to find new leading categories. The medical field became the focus to the point that in some circles the agency was more known as a medical marketing firm that Hispanic. In 2008 , 2009 and 2010 medical and legal were the two dominant categories, especially Workers Comp. And for 2011 political is becoming an area of high interest, thanks to the work during the Ram Emanuel mayoral campaign.


Alario has assembled a diverse and talented team whose multifunctional approach is unique to the marketplace. Alario’s creativity and energy stand alone.


While most agencies charge clients a percentage of the media and additional fees for creative and production services, Alario packages the entire service. Alario is satisfied with one client income stream and does not engage in “double dipping.”

Word of Mouth

When an ad agency is capable of increasing a client’s business by 50% while reducing their advertising expenses by 30%, word spreads quickly.