Instituto Cervantes Chicago

Even though Spain's economy is not at its prime, the Instituto Cervantes, after facing several challenges, stands strong as the center for Spanish culture in the world. It is thanks to directors like Ignacio Olmos in Chicago, that these centers continue to fight adveristy and position themselves as models for other locations around the world.

Rahm Emanuel Spanish Advertising Campaign

Alario Group congratulates Mayor Rahm Emanuel for his victory in the elections! Alario group was proud to be the designated agency for Rahm Emanuel’s successful Spanish-language Chicago mayoral campaign. As soon as Rahm announced his candidacy his campaign advisers understood the need to hire an agency with a track record of expertise in Chicago’s Latino community. » read more

Obama for America 2012

We want to congratulate president Barack Obama on winning the presidential election. As part of the paid media team which supported the campaign, The Alario Group takes pride in the fact  that the Latino vote in support of President Obama surpassed the  70% mark. Additionally, there was an increase in the Latino turnout of voters, providing key demographic support in the reelection.  » read more

CURE gets first spanish PSA spot

A few months back we were inspired by the work Susan Axelrod had done in the CURE (Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy). Epilepsy is a problem that affects millions of people every in the United States and the rest of the world. It is especially hard when it happens to children, when the parents see the seizures and there is nothing they can do.. » read more

De Gandía a la casa blanca

The story of the Alario Group has been explained in Ruben’s latest book. “De Gandia a la Casa Blanca”, where he describes his personal story and the creation and growth of Alario group. The book also talks about the company’s values that differentiate it from other companies. » read more

About Us

The Alario Group is a full service advertising agency that focuses on the Hispanic market. It offers creative and production services, media planning and buying as well as consulting services that include research and cultural adaptations. It was created in 2002 and since then has become one of the leading agencies in the country.» read more